6. Is a crisis ever over? Revisiting experiences, stages and layers of after-crisis narratives

Convenors: Floris van der Marel and Natalia Villaman, Crisis Interrogatives Aalto University

Contact: floris.vandermarel (at) aalto.fi

This workshop is a facilitated dialogue open for anybody to join, without any preparation necessary. We will be using Zoom and Miro.

Thursday 2.12.2021 at 17.00-18.30

In this dialogue, we explore the importance of resistance when it comes to a culture of blindly accepting orthodox ways of doing and set frames by actively disrupting the theme of continuity (Foucault, 1969). Collaboratively, we will reflect on existing narratives around marginalization and power imbalances, to attempt to identify what is not being questioned and which non-dominant ways of knowing are being undervalued. Then, we will explore what form resistance could take, how to dismantle what is so strongly assembled and what participatory design could do to normalize the amplification of deviating perspectives.

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