Safer space

The 18th Etmu conference is committed to these safer space guidelines. Any form of discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated in this event. Event organisers may remove any participant from the event if they behave unacceptably.

Safer space guidelines:

  • Our event is a discrimination-free and harassment-free zone.

  • Please respect and listen to others.

  • Please do not make assumptions about other people’s gender, sexuality, nationality, religion or other personal matters. 

  • Please present your views as your own thoughts and try not to speak on behalf of others. 

  • Be open to discuss with others and to new perspectives. 

  • Try to create a positive and respectful atmosphere in the discussion. 

  • If you disagree with someone, try to raise the matter in a constructive and friendly manner.

  • If the situation feels uncomfortable, please raise the issue, for example, by informing the workshop chairs or the conference organizers.